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School Dances

Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades are given the privilege of attending school-sponsored dances throughout the year. Hosted by the middle school students, the dances provide a time for socialization and fun with classmates after school hours.

Chess Club

Often referred to as “The Gymnasium of the Mind,” chess is a game that develops critical thinking skills as well as patience! St. Michael’s Academy offers an After School Chess Club for students as well as a beginner’s series for younger students to learn the basics of the game.

Special Events Choir

Middle school students have the chance to share their musical talents outside of music class through the Special Events Choir. Under the direction of the SMA music teacher, Ashley Duplessis, students practice together and perform at special events both on and off campus such as school Masses, Diocesan Chalice of Salvation Masses and Springfield community events.

Field Trips & Field Days

St. Michael’s Academy offers its students a variety of fun field trips and activities. Each grade level has a field trip as well as participates in field days at the end of the school year. In addition, the school also has museums and community educational projects come into the school to provide events such as The Boston Science Museum, Forest Park Zoo on the Go, The Butterfly Museum and many more!