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Extra-Curricular Activities

St. Michael’s Academy offers all students from Preschool 3 years old to Grade 8 students, six “Specials.” They include:


At SMA, the art classes are tailored to the needs and imaginations of all children. The focus is to introduce something the students have not tried before and to show them how to use art and creativity to make a difference. Art is a wonderful way to build teams of students who work together and make friends and who respect and care for one another. The teams have one mission…to create. From learning the basics of cutting, gluing and making a simple composition, students in Pre-K through grades 1 work on how to use their hands to create. From Grades 2-4 students explore more types of media such as chalk, oil pastel, watercolor paint and collage. Grades 5-8 begin to take the skills that they have been working on and use them to create art that reflects a little bit of who they are and what inspires them. The older kids get to use all of the cool tools in the art room. Our goal as artists is to be inspired and to use that inspiration to fuel our art making, no matter what style. Art celebrates all aspects of the creative process from sketching to sculpting. Art has a way of bringing people together and that is what makes the art room so special.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program at St. Michael’s Academy follows the standards implemented by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our preschool through grade eight program challenges students in the psychomotor, cognitive, and affective aspects of physical education. In addition, students work on motor development and motor learning skills, participate in team sports, develop social interaction, teamwork, cooperation, following directions, and sportsmanship. Our program provides life lessons that can be continued into adulthood with the hope of inspiring all students to pursue a lifetime full of physical activity. We provide a safe and friendly environment that allows every learner, no matter their ability, an opportunity to discover her/his potential.


The primary objectives of the music program are to instill in our children a love of and appreciation for music. We foster in each child their musical talents and abilities. It is important to develop in all students a sense of appreciation for liturgical song, and to assist children in reading and following along in hymnals. An introduction to the basic concepts of music theory, note representation, and music history are also covered. .

Computer Lab

Computer education at St. Michael’s Academy provides access to an extensive world of information. The school computer lab offers the students a great number of essential skills. Starting with preschool, the littlest students visit educational sites and learn how to use a computer mouse and touchpad. As the students progress through the grades, they work on improving their keyboarding skills using In addition, they learn how to utilize Google Classroom to complete and submit assignments as well as create spreadsheets, slideshows, and forms. They learn to use Google Maps, Google Earth, and create basic coding programs as well. Technology is always changing but here at St. Michael’s Academy, it is our hope to help our students become and remain good digital citizens.



In the Spanish class, one of the main focuses is to build common and useful vocabulary. We work with greetings, numbers, location, days of the week.  The students learn basic pronunciation and conversational words, i.e. how to greet people, make small talk, make requests, etc. They learn to communicate orally and learn how to write in a culturally appropriate manner about familiar topics that include self, school, food, pastimes, family, house, and clothing and stores.  Each lesson presents vocabulary and grammar, followed by explanations and exercises worksheets.

 Also, we integrate learning about the culture and history of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. The students learn about celebrations of the Hispanic culture and holidays. Students from Pre-K  through Grade 3 learn through different songs that also help them to develop vocabulary.

Students in Grades 4-7 start using more language to exchange greetings and to make introductions. They have some research work about the countries, important people and others. In these grades, students will practice the skill of speaking through class discussions and presentations.

The students from the Grade 8 will focus on preparing them for the freshman year of high school Spanish class. They learn how to conjugate verbs, the proper use and changes of the verb, and different uses of pronouns in Spanish. They learn how to translate and create sentences. Writing activities and grammar are integral components of this grade.



Our preschool through grade eight Health curriculum provides each student with the knowledge to make positive life choices that lead to a safe and happy life. The Health program is part of a school-wide wellness program that teaches students the importance of healthy life choices. The units throughout this course will focus on educating each student to protect, maintain, and improve their health through responsible actions and decisions. Through discussion, textbooks, handouts, worksheets, movies, posters and other educational resources students will be educated on emergency safety, bullying, mental/social health, obesity, eating healthy, exercising, problem solving, drugs and alcohol, and personal hygiene.