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Each Student As An Individual

St. Michael’s Academy takes pride in educating each individual student. Our faculty is truly dedicated to providing the guidance and support needed for each student to experience success and to bolster their self-confidence and promote academic success. 

When appropriate, a student may qualify for Title I services provided by Catapult Learning.  Individual tutoring and teacher directed extra help opportunities are available as well.

Adaptive learning programs such as Moby Max, Epic Books and Prodigy Math in conjunction with classroom groupings, challenge those students who excel in a particular area.  Technology is used to enhance the learning experience of all students.  Pre-k students have access to Kindle tablets while students in K-8 grade have access to Chromebooks.   (We currently have a 1:1 technology ratio.)

We are proud to say that many graduates of St. Michael’s Academy are qualified for accelerated learning courses as freshman at Pope Francis and other area public and private high schools.