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St. Michael’s Academy is not a single parish school but a diocesan school-led on a daily basis by a self-supporting leadership team consisting of a School Principal, Business Administrator, Director of Advancement, and Director of Admissions and Marketing. The team reports directly to the Springfield Diocesan Office. The school’s governance includes a school board with limited jurisdiction. This board, known as the Board of Trustees, meets on a regular basis to guide the strategic planning of the school and ensure the sound future of St. Michael’s Academy. With the input from faculty, board members, parents, and community members, St. Michael’s Academy created a strategic plan that will bring the Academy through the following five years: Inspire and Enlighten: 2023.

The 2022-23 St. Michael’s Academy Board of Trustees


Mr. Mark Abdella

Fontaine Brothers General Contracting


Mr. Jerome Brennan, Esquire

Retired, Attorney at Law


Ms. Kristie Budrecki

Instructional Leadership Specialist, Mathematics

Springfield Public School System


The Honorable Michael K. Callan, Board Vice Chair

Massachusetts Superior Court


Ms. KatieAnne DeMars 

 Teacher, Springfield Public School System


Ms. Ann Dougal, Ex-Officio

St. Michael’s Academy Principal


Mr. Mark Feeley, Board Secretary 

Imaging Manager, Baystate Franklin Medical Center


Ms. Laura Gentile 

Clerk of Courts, Hampden County Superior Court


Mr. Robert Hoffman

Hampden County Sheriff’s Department


The Honorable Edward J. McDonough, Jr, Board Chair

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Superior Court


Reverend Mister John Miller

Deacon, Mary Mother of Hope Church


Mr. Gabriel Mokwuah

Retired, Executive Office of the Trial Court


Mr. Edward Pikula, Esquire

Retired, City of Springfield Chief Legal Counsel


Ms. Tanya Sears

Controller, Springfield College



The Board is led by a Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each board member serves for a term of three years and may not exceed two consecutive terms totaling six years.