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St. Michael’s Academy employs a team of deeply dedicated and highly qualified faculty and staff ready to welcome all students and their families. From our administrative staff to our teaching faculty, to our building maintenance team, all are committed to ensuring that each student receives a quality education and has the tools necessary to grow and succeed academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Business Administrator
Director of Admissions and Marketing
Director of Advancement
Finance Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Grade 6
Pre-K 3 year olds
Kindergarten Aide
School Counselor
PreK 4-year-olds
Grade 8
PreK-4 Aide
Grade 1 Teacher
Computer Technology
Grade 3
Grade 6
School Nurse

Penna, Maureen

“Nurse Maureen”

Physical Education
Grade 1
Kindergarten Aide
Grade 5
PreK-4 year olds
Remedial Teacher
PreK-4 Aide
Grade 2
Grade 6&7 Science
PreK-3 Aide
Director of Building Maintenance