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St. Michael’s Academy prides itself on its inclusive community where both students and their families feel like they are part of a larger community.

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SchoolsNEXT Competition

Congratulations to our 2023-24 SchoolsNEXT Competition 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners! St. Michael's Academy has the opportunity to move on to the Regional Competition in Rhode Island. Congratulations to our top 3 groups! 3rd Place - Mission Possible......Braeden,...

Gr. 3 Drumming Recital

The grade 3 grandparents are getting ready to watch their grandchild show off their drumming abilities on January 24th at 9:30 a.m. Under the expert supervision of Community Music School Drumming Instructor Mr. Rick Marshall, the students will delight their...

Meet Us!

We want your child to have a strong foundation for life. At St. Michael's Academy, we are teaching values that last a lifetime! Together, we are building a brighter future! Contact us and learn how your child can benefit from a SMA education!    ...

Academic Calendar

Looking to find out when school vacations and school days off are? Click here for the 2023-2024 academic calendar.

Expand Your Child’s Horizons

We are waiting for your Child at St. Michael's Academy! At St. Michael's Academy, your child will not only be provided with an outstanding academic education, but they will be guided to also develop spiritually, emotionally and physically. They will have...

Did You Know?

Did you know that every grade at St. Michael's Academy does a special grandparent event? Grandparents receive an invitation via mail to come to the school to spend some special time with their grandchild! It is a great way for grandparents to see the school and...

Why A Catholic School Education?

Have you ever wondered if a Catholic School education is a good investment? Please read this article from The Wall Street Journal and learn why a Catholic school education is truly a good investment. Click on this link for further details- The Catholic School...


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Our daughter’s self confidence has grown so much over her 4 years at St. Michael’s Academy. The faculty and staff are amazing. As parents we cannot express the peace of mind we have dropping her off at school everyday and knowing she is so well taken care of. We are looking forward to our son starting preschool this fall!

Renee & Bob Hastings

I was a 2014 graduate of St. Michael’s Academy. It was here that I developed my love for learning and established what it took to be a good student. Attending St. Michael’s taught me to be a good listener and to be respectful. Most importantly, I feel that attending a faith-based school deepened my faith, enhanced my prayer life and overall taught me to be a more confident person.

Chiarina Sarno

St. Michael’s Academy has been wonderful to my children and they have enjoyed their experiences there throughout the years. They were well taught academically, as well as so, so much more! So glad we are an SMA family!

Angela Daponde

I graduated from St. Michael’s Academy in 2022 and I was able to make some great friends! We were able to learn together in fun and different ways. The teachers were fantastic and they were truly committed to helping us learn and understand things.

Gracie Houldson

The teachers and staff at St. Michael’s Academy hold a special place in our hearts for the time and energy they have put into our boys’ education. They have gone above and beyond our expectations, especially during this pandemic, and have worked tirelessly to provide the same quality of education despite the challenges they were presented with.

Kyleen and James Wilkins

St. Michael’s Academy has the best teachers. I love them all so much.  They are always improving the school for the students and faculty. SMA always cares for others. I am happy that St. Michael’s Academy is part of my family.

Enya, Grade 6

Sending my child to St. Michael’s Academy has been the best decision I have made as a parent. From drop off to pick up, the well-being of my child is always put first.

Daniel Auclair

I was a 2013  graduate of St. Michael’s Academy. SMA provided me with a strong foundation for high school and college. I always felt that SMA was where I belonged. It was here that I learned the importance of being a good person. Because of my strong education at SMA, I was placed in honors biology and honors statistics in my first year of high school and have gone on to Holy Cross College where I am studying biology.

Benton Whitley

A child’s education is most important and I am beyond happy that I have chosen a school so giving and loving.

Nataly Santiago

Educating the


Empowering Students for Lives of Wisdom, Service, and Leadership


The Story of Us

Inspired Minds

Providing a Dynamic Curriculum Through a Devoted Faculty

St. Michael’s Academy opens pathways for students to discover and develop their academic strengths and talents by educating each student as an individual. Through a rigorous curriculum and mentored learning, we strive to ignite each student’s intellect, creativity, and imagination. Beginning with our youngest students, we work in close partnership with parents to help guide them on the road to academic success. We prepare students at each grade for success at the next level and incorporate the latest technology to enhance each child’s learning experience. Our caring faculty creates a safe, welcoming environment where children from diverse cultures and religious backgrounds are welcomed by their peers and become part of an inclusive community.

Faith-Filled Hearts

Creating a Spiritual Path Towards a Friendship With God

The spiritual life at St. Michael’s Academy is essential to our identity and both parents and students experience the advantage of combining faith with education. Students are guided toward a realization that a true friendship with God leads to a life lived with dignity and respect. They participate in daily religion classes designed to illuminate the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. Students of all faiths participate in prayer and liturgy for their spiritual growth. St. Michael’s Academy emphasizes the importance of character as students develop their faith, their individual talents, and their personal values. In addition, students are actively engaged in community service as they learn how to cultivate compassion while living out their love of God and of others, building leadership skills along the way.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

Forming Students to Serve with Heart & Mind

Education is the foundation for a life well-lived. At St. Michael’s Academy, we partner with parents and other family members to build an inclusive and compassionate community that extends far beyond the classroom walls. Students examine and develop their own personal and spiritual values in preparation to become tomorrow’s leaders. Our program allows students to become creative problem-solvers, critical thinkers, confident and thoughtful decision-makers, articulate and reflective communicators, and accountable team players; skills that will remain with them for life. Upon graduation, our students are empowered to succeed in high school and college and well prepared to lead lives of purposeful achievement and servant leadership.