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The Grade 8 students have been working steadily since the beginning of the school year and have been in the final phases of their team SchoolsNEXT competition entries. SchoolsNEXT is a national competition where students are tasked with designing a learning environment. Each year, they are given a classroom theme by their teacher and the rest is up to them. They must develop a budget, costing out the materials in their room, create a footprint of the space, build a 3D model using only recycled materials and put a formal Powerpoint presentation together. If that wasn’t enough, each team took turns presenting their project to an outside panel of judges throughout the day on Wednesday, January 25th. This is one of the cornerstone 8th grade projects where students learn on many levels such as team building, doing effective research, public speaking and overall creativity.

The winning entries will be announced at the Open House on January 29th at 1:45 p.m. where the projects will be on display. Make sure you are present to hear who the winning teams are!